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Our Card Consultants leverage best practices to develop an effective plan and onboard suppliers


We work closely with you to develop a plan to understand your suppliers and onboard them to help provide the best outcome for both your organization and your suppliers.

The MUFG approach to supplier enablement focuses on attention, service, and problem-solving:

  1. Spend analysis: We begin by matching the traditional supplier spend file against the MasterCard® Merchant database. Then, our supplier enablement consultants leverage industry knowledge and experience to further classify transactions by the payables solution that creates the best fit.
  2. Understanding opportunities: We then work with you to comb through the details of your suppliers spend analysis, looking at the quantity and transaction volume of payments, existing terms and conditions, buying leverage, and catalog ordering opportunities to assess the realistic opportunities to transition suppliers to card payments.
  3. Planning: Because you know your suppliers individually, you can assist in the best approach and format for contacting key suppliers.


Supplier Negotiation

Our experienced Card Consultants create a compelling value proposition for your suppliers to accept card payments:

  • Identify strategic options for card payments and optimal supplier incentives (e.g., expedited payment terms, reduced interchange)
  • Leverage MasterCard’s Commercial Payment Account (CPA) rates, as well as negotiated interchange rates to onboard large strategic suppliers that would otherwise decline due to higher fees
  • Engage with buyer and supplier leaders to strategically negotiate


Supplier onboarding

Supplier outreach is informed and managed based on supplier value proposition and merchant rate.

  • We partner with you and contact your suppliers directly with your guidance.
  • Our solution is not a one-size-fits-all. We customize a variety of enrollment campaigns and strategies to optimize program adoption.
  • Our experienced supplier onboarding experts are an extension of your team, committed to working on your behalf.
  • Outbound calling campaigns to suppliers with annual spend greater than $20,000
  • Email automatic enrollment links to simplify enrollment for suppliers


MUFG continues to work with you after implementation and throughout the lifecycle of your program to enroll vendors. You can expect to work with a vendor onboarding partner backed by the deep MUFG investment and commitment to supplier enablement that results in higher vendor enrollment.

For more information, please contact your treasury relationship manager or relationship manager.

General Inquiries: 212-782-6800