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You can rely on our Client Servicing team 24/7

Our account management structure is designed to support you and your organization from implementation through ongoing maintenance. Our primary goal is to ensure that support is always available for the Program Administrator at all times. Improving program efficiency and eliminating the tactical aspects of a card program is truly the focus of our program.

  • Support begins during the implementation process. Your MUFG Card Consultant and Card Technology Specialist meet routinely with you to design your custom commercial card program to your company's unique specifications.
  • After implementation, your company is assigned a dedicated MUFG Card Relationship Manager who meets with your team and program administrator on a periodic basis to review your program, make adjustments, and track progress against program goals.
  • Program administrators are supported by our Client Servicing team 24/7 to assist with day-to-day program needs. This team provides servicing exclusively for Program Administrators and can help make changes to the program options or assist in updating cardholder controls and profiles.

We understand that your company is unique with its own set of challenges and objectives. MUFG goes beyond simply issuing commercial cards and works with your team to leverage our experienced card professionals, innovative technology, and knowledge of proven techniques to design a successful commercial card program that meets the needs and goals of key stakeholders.

For more information, please contact your treasury relationship manager or relationship manager.

General Inquiries: 212-782-6800