MUFG Americas Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Banking for the common good

Corporate Social Responsibility

MUFG has a long history of serving our communities. We fulfill our commitment to corporate citizenship by underwriting sustainable businesses, including renewable energy projects throughout the hemisphere, making grants to nonprofit organizations, and sponsoring employee volunteer activities. In the United States, we support our community reinvestment efforts through grants, corporate contributions, matching grants, and other means. Our programs are now expanding to encompass all our offices throughout the Americas.

Foundation Grants

Our charitable foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Grants are given mainly to organizations that provide affordable housing, economic development in distressed neighborhoods, and direct social, health, and educational services for low- and moderate-income communities and that support environmental conservation. The foundation also provides grants to nonprofit organizations where employees volunteer. To contact the foundation, send an email to

Employees engaging the community

Volunteer Program

This program addresses economic and social challenges that many people face, such as homelessness, hunger, financial illiteracy, and drug abuse. We encourage employee volunteerism through bank-sponsored volunteer projects and a volunteer release time program.

Volunteer Release Time (U.S.)

In the United States and Canada, employees may take paid time off each year from work to participate in community service activities.

U.S. Matching Grants Program

Employees may have their own charitable donations matched dollar for dollar, up to an established limit annually. A wide range of organizations are eligible.

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